Why us? Lutmaar.com

Shopping is something we all look forward to. It is a real stress buster because we love to see all the colourful wares displayed by the street vendors. We know we will always get the best bargains from these people. And often to our amazement, the best pieces are sold out before we even come to know about it!

Shopping in malls has its own charm. The ambience of the air conditioned malls and the soft music puts us in the right mood. We are thrilled because we can window shop leisurely and look at the most exclusive designer wear to our heart’s content. We look at the latest gadgets and the - Oh! Sooooo Lovely pair of shoes…. and then sigh sadly when we look into our wallets. The most awesome things in the world also happen to have a price tag that we can afford to only look at – not pay☹!

But one is entitled to ones dreams. We don’t believe in giving up. We belong to the techno savvy world and a simple google search will help us find ways and means of getting – that – just that designer dress, for half the price.

And that is where lutmaar.com comes into the picture. Allow us to introduce ourselves. We at lutmaar.com promise you only one thing- that you will get the ‘loot of your dreams’ without the hassle of any ‘maara maari’☺!

You can sit in the cool comfort of your home and browse through the deals posted on lutmaar.com at your convenience. You save time, money and energy + get exactly what you were looking for – right now! No more postponed dreams for you!

Unique features of lutmaar.com:

In simple terms, Lutmaar.com is a website where you will get deals of all kinds. No! You will not see a series of advertisements from vendors or suppliers here.

  • It is a platform created for the exclusive use of the users with the noble intention of helping the community at large.
  • Several categories have been created to cater to the varying needs of all the users.
  • So users can always save some money by checking out the deals under the right category. Whether it is a packet of papad, a pair of jeans or the latest gadget – simply browse through the deals that are being offered during that period!
  • Users can even check out the most popular deals in the community by clicking on the hottest/coolest/latest/ most discussed deals and get what they are looking for.

The Lutmaar.com - ‘For the users - by the users’ policy:

  • The users/vendors upload deals when they want to offer something to their patrons.
  • Other users/visitors check out the deals and product.
  • These users share it with their friends on social media platforms.
  • They vote in favour or against the deal/product – making it a ‘hot’ or a ‘cold’ deal respectively.
  • Depending on the number of votes that the deal gets from the users – lutmaar.com will post the deal on the website for other users to check out.

The ultimate power is vested in the hands of the users. If a user/vendor puts up good deals, he is bound to get more votes thus making it a hot deal. What’s more! The users have the power of promoting the vendors that they like with their comments and votes!

Get the best out of each deal:

  • Clear out sale! Buy two – get one free! Free gift vouchers! Free trips! Free meal for two! Our users get the benefits of any/all of these offers as and when they are uploaded by the vendors!
  • So, just keep checking!

Know what’s hot on lutmaar.com without browsing:

  • Get the deals that other users voted as the best by checking your mail once in a day!
  • Once you register with us as a user, it becomes our job to update you regularly.

Lutmaar.com Mobile App – a great tool for ‘real’ and ‘virtual’ markets:

  • User A comes across an amazing deal in a shop/supermarket/mall/shop or some street market.
  • User B comes across a real cool deal while browsing through a reputed website.
  • Both these users just take a snap on their phones and upload the deal on lutmaar.com using our mobile app.
  • Other users can then check it out immediately and make it hot or cold with their votes.

Yes! At lutmaar.com – there are no losers. Everyone is a winner because some are earning good money and others are saving their hard earned money on our platform! And we, at lutmaar.com are happy to see the smiles that light up the faces of all our users. We are happy that our technical expertise has the ability of turning the dreams of all our users into reality. Right Now!