Data protection and privacy policy:

We, at respect your privacy and will do our utmost to protect your information. We will use the most stringent measures to prevent any unauthorised access and will ensure that the data submitted by you to our website or our app is secure. However, any transmission that may take place is at your own risk. Unless there is a legal issue, we will not share the details of your information. We assure you that we will not misuse or share your data in any way unless there is a legal issue and it is absolutely necessary. is a platform where third party stores and websites post their links to showcase their deals. These websites have their own privacy policies and are not affiliated with It is the responsibility of each user to check the policies of these websites before they submit any personal details.

The data collected from all our users may be transferred and stored at a secure destination. When you submit your personal data, you automatically enter into an agreement with us which allows us to transfer, store and process it. We will do our utmost to ensure the security of your data and treat it as per this privacy policy.

In order to protect our community members, we have taken certain additional measures and made the following mandatory:

  • Users interested in posting deals on our website must first register with their email ids.
  • Some random users have to undergo an identity verification procedure by SMS authentication to ensure that the details provided by them are genuine.

Commenting on

We strongly recommend that you refrain from posting any personal details or pictures or other details that could lead to our visitors identifying you as a person. We also suggest that you avoid using usernames and signatures that contain confidential/sensitive information. The onus of posting anything on our forum is your responsibility. Of course, you can delete any of the posts that you have uploaded at any time’s zero tolerance policy!

We strictly prohibit our users from posting any content which is directly or indirectly related to:

  • Nudity,
  • Abusive language,
  • Aggressive or rude comments,
  • Remarks/comments against any particular community or race and/or
  • Virtual bullying of any kind
Violation of any/all of these rules will result in an immediate ban of the user’s account which may further lead to a crime/police investigation.

Emails and correspondence:

You can contact us at any time with any queries that you may have. We may store it for future reference. You are entitled to change your registered email id at at any time. The new email id will be visible to our site administrators. The newsletters that you have subscribed for will be sent to this email id. You can always unsubscribe from our alerts or newsletters by clicking on the unsubscribe button on your profile settings.

What is a cookie? What do our cookies do?

Cookies are tiny text files that are transferred to the hard drive of your computer or stored in the internal memory of mobile devices. Cookies enhance the browsing experience and help the users to use the websites more effectively. Users are able to vote, like, comment and stay signed in due to the cookies which also allow you to interact totally with our community. New users are able to sign up effectively, the authenticity of a registered user can be checked and each user can customise their search for local deals or their profile and settings with our cookies.

Administrators of websites are able to obtain details about how often each user uses the website or the mobile app using such cookie files. Maintaining a secure network is our top priority for which we may collect details about your IP address, the frequency of your visits on our site or usage of our app. We may also access your location, traffic and communication data and the resources that you often browse through.

Sometimes our vendors pay us a commission when a visitor visits their site through Cookies help us track down such activities. Cookies do not in any way reveal any personal data to us and we never share any other information obtained from our cookies with any third parties.

To access more information about cookies, or to know how to delete or control them, please visit


In case you need a complete list of all the cookies that we use, kindly place a request using our contact form. We welcome any questions, comments and requests regarding our cookie policy and will address them through the contact form.